About us

The Beyahad Group of Retirement Homes- Profile

About us

The BeYahad group is a network of companies engaged in the administration of retirement homes in the center of Israel ,  involving more then 1300 beds.

Most of the buildings are owned by the company and very few are leas
The BeYahad  Group began in 1986.
The first retirement home of the network was established in 1986 in Ramat Gan in a leased building which contained 90 beds. Beyahad set up the next retirement home of 75 beds in 1990, on Jabotinsky Street, Bnei Braq.

Hadasim retirement home modern and luxurious in Bnei Braq was set up in 1997 and has 350 beds.
In the year of 2000, The BeYahad Group won the Mifal Hapais tender for the operation of a modern building consisting of 3 wards with a total of 108 beds in Bet Shean in the Jordan Valley.

In 2004, the more modern and luxurious Ateret Rimonim retirement home of 350 beds was built in Bnei Braq and is especially designed among the rest, to the ultra –orthodocs (Hareddi) community here in Israel and around the world.
In 2009, Vatikim Center in Bnei Braq- an ultra-modern retirement home was built and has 260 beds.
The Home For  Senior Citizens in Kadima was built in 2016 on the same format as the other homes and includes 205 beds.

It should be noted that the continuous process of renewal and modernization by the company is the keynote of the Group's vision to provide the very finest accommodation and services possible for their clients.
The success of this policy has led to excellent reports by the inspection sent by the Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Welfare amongst others. As a result of this good reputation, both Ministries, Insurance companies , HMO's and many others maintain an ongoing relationship with the Group, leading to referral of their clients.

Future Plans and Vision
The BeYahad Group Specializes in entrepreneurship of nursing home projects-
building,  establishing and administrating.
The network has future projects of building homes with extra 700 beds and is also interested in entering the field of rehabilitation of the elderly, such as respiratory and more complexed situations) departments .)
The vision of The Beyahad Group in the past, present and in the future is to be the most innovative, modern and advanced company in order to provide a vast variety of senior citizens the optimum services needed by focusing in the suitable medical, mental and social attention at each stage of their lives.ut Us
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